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The Call

If you think about it, in times of emergencies 911 operators are often the first line of help.  They give the police, fire fighters, and other first responders the addresses of emergencies and attempt to calm distressed individuals.  Director Brad Anderson’s The Call, starring Halle Berry, give us a look at the often stressful job of a 911 operator.

The Call features Halle Berry as Jordan Turner, a 911 operator, who botches an emergency call from a teenage girl claiming a man is attempting to break in her house.  Jordan’s actions on the call lead to the kidnapping and eventual murder of the teenage girl.  Flash forward six months and Jordan is now instructing new recruits about 911 emergency procedures.  As fate would have it, Jordan soon finds herself back on the phone as she deals with the same scenario; a kidnapped teenage girl with the same perpetrator.  Jordan, determined to save the girl from her fatal demise, races against the clock to find the girl and her kidnapper.

The acting in the film is nothing Oscar worthy, but isn’t terrible either.  It’s average and better than expected.  Berry does a fine job with what the script gives her.  She acts just as you’d expect someone to act in a situation when you have the life of someone in your hands.  Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) is also decent enough although early in the film, she does have a few cringe worthy moments with a friend at the mall.  And again, it’s the scripts fault as the dialogue is forced and unrealistic.

The story isn’t half bad either.  It’s able to keep you on the edge of your seat for most of the film.  The downfall and where the film is really terrible are during the last twenty minutes.  The film spends the previous 70 minutes developing an intriguing and edge of your seat thriller and then wastes it.  Characters begin making unexplained and illogical moves that are cliché’ and downright dumb.  The ending is absolutely maddening and one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

As much as you may hear about The Call being terrible, it’s not.  For the most part, it’s an aptly acted thriller that will keep you guessing.  If not for the last twenty minutes and the dumb ending, The Call would’ve been significantly better.


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