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Star Trek into Darkness

There are many things in today’s society that produce legions of fans.  For instance, take any big name performer or singer today and a mass of screaming and adoring fans trampling each other for better seats at the local concert is sure to follow.  But, as we all know singers and performers are a dime a dozen and as their star begins to fade, so do fans and as a result album and concert sales.  However, as fickle as some fans of today’s pop culture tend to be, you will have a hard time finding a more loyal and faithful fan base than Star Trek fans or “trekkies”.   This past weekend, trekkies had a reason to head out to the multiplex as J.J. Abrams Star Trek into Darkness, starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, opened.

The sequel to 2009’s hit Star Trek, sees the return of all the same crew.  Star Trek into Darkness wastes no time getting into the action as we meet the crew from the Starship Enterprise mid mission and the action literally starts from the first frame.  After completing the opening mission where a valuable crew member of the Starship Enterprise is nearly killed, the film really kicks it into high gear and takes the crew and the audience along for the ride.

While being debriefed at Enterprise Headquarters, we learn of a terrorist bombing at an important Enterprise base, where hundreds are killed.  After learning the identity of the individual responsible, the Starship Enterprise is sent on a dangerous manhunt to capture the fugitive alive and bring him to justice.

Before I begin, I must admit to not being a Star Trek fan.  I’ve also never watched a single Star Trek episode.  I did, however, see the first 2009’s Star Trek and did find it mildly entertaining.  With all that being said, Star Trek into Darkness is one of those rare films where it is actually action from the opening credits to the end credits.  The story is exciting, attention-grabbing right from the get go and there isn’t a dull moment the entire film. As fast paced and action packed as the story is, I did find myself predicting the major twists and turns along the way and when they were going to happen and was right on almost every occasion.

The directing here is both top notch.  Star Trek into Darkness is a rare film for yet another reason, there is not a single wasted scene the entire movie. Everything in the film is necessary to tell the story.  Often times with films like these, they seem to throw in an unnecessary love story and that does not happen here and it makes for a much tighter, cohesive film because of it.

While not a “trekkie” or even particularly looking forward to this film, Star Trek into Darkness is an enjoyable way to spend a night out.  It’s a fast paced, fascinating, thrill ride that does not let up until the end credits roll.   So, sit back, buckle up and take the ride!



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