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10 Best of ’12

Best of

2012 gave us some truly great films, some really terrible down right awful films and everything in between.  And so here is my list of the best films of 2012.


10.  Safety Not Guaranteed – A quirky, independent film with a creative plot, talented cast, and superb writing.  The less than stellar ending is the only reason its not higher on my list.


9. The Bourne Legacy – Jeremy Renner steps in for Matt Damon and the film doesn’t miss a beat.  The story is fast, intelligent and the action is everything you want and expect from a Bourne film.


8. Ted- A raunchy, profane comedy about a teddy bear that magically comes to life and a 30 something slacker.  A nonstop, laugh fest that was the best comedy of 2012.


7. Safe House – Nonstop action, an intelligent script, and great performances from Washington and Reynolds make Safe House one of the best this year.


6. End of Watch – Great story, inventive camera work, and an anything can happen feel make this a must see film.


5. Flight – Denzel Washington’s performance as an alcoholic pilot is truly a treat to witness.  Kelly Reilly is terrific as his drug addicted confidante. Take this Flight.


4. Silver Linings Playbook – Terrific, funny, heartfelt story about real people dealing with real issues and how they cope.  Jennifer Lawrence shines and steals the show from Bradley Cooper.


3. Skyfall – Not normally a fan of Bond films, but thoroughly enjoyed this one. Daniel Craig is excellent, but Javier Bardem as the villain is a scene stealer.  Excellent, smart story, and a great homage to past Bond films.  See Skyfall!


2. Lincoln – Daniel Day-Lewis gives another Academy Award winning performance as the 16th President.  Writing and story are terrific, Tommy Lee Jones is great as Thaddeus Stevens. Lincoln is nearly perfect.


1. Argo – Without a doubt the best film of the year!  Everything about this film is perfect, the performances, story, and the pacing.  Nothing else even came close to matching Argo.



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